On A Budget? Use These Strategies To Save Money When Buying Tires

When your money is tight but you need to buy new tires, try not to entertain the idea of continuing to drive on your current rubber. While tempting, running worn-out tires can leave you unable to safely control your vehicle, which can leave you with major expenses in the event of an accident and even the risk of serious personal injuries. It's better to take action by buying a new set of tires, even if you have to cut down on other expenses in the meantime to do so. The good news is that with the right strategies, you can often keep your tire expenditures well within your budget. Here's how.

Take Advantage Of The Season

Generally, buying tires in either October or April can make you eligible for considerable savings. Tires commonly go on sale at each time of the year — winter tires in October and summer tires in April. While you shouldn't wait for these months if your current tires are worn out, it's ideal to shop at either time of the year if you're able.

Find And Redeem Internet Offers

If you're not in favor of actually shopping online, use the Internet as an ally by searching for current rebate offers for the set of tires you're considering. It's easy to find such offers. Once you buy a set of tires at a local retailer, you can then mail in a copy of your receipt, along with a printed rebate offer, and you'll soon be receiving a check in the mail from the tire manufacturer.

Don't Go Overboard

When you're looking at the available tire choices for your vehicle, you'll see models at several different price points. While you might be of the mindset that it's smart to spend all you can afford to get a higher-quality tire (to prevent having to replace the tires sooner), consider your driving habits. For example, if you don't plan on navigating snow-covered back roads during the winter, you don't need to upgrade to the best winter tires for your vehicle. In this case, a mid-priced set will do just fine.

Consider Used Tires

If you're really on a budget, a set of used tires can be safer than not upgrading at all. When you shop for used tires, however, do so only at a reputable tire shop — not through online classified sites. Reputable tire shops guarantee the condition of their used tires and you'll be sure to get a set that is safe. Visit F & H Tire Co for more information.

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